The 51WORLD Developer Plan (51WDP) is based on all-element scenes and integrates five tool chains, SuperAPI, WDT, PM, 51Cloud, and DST, to fully empower integrators and developers in various industries and enjoy the benefits of digital twin technology , Quickly improve the competitiveness of existing products and solutions!


A shortcut interface between the web and the AES cloud scene to realize two-way interactive control of the 3D scene.


Includes tools such as data integration and visualization panel building, and supports the establishment of applications.


Cloud computing, real-time cloud rendering platform for video streaming, multi-terminal, cross-platform product presentation.


Account sign-up, permission, scene resource management. Make accounts safer and clearer.


DST: Dynamic data conversion access, unified output of time and space data.

The 51WDP tool chains based on all-element scenes make digital twins at your fingertips

51Cloud+SuperAPI+WDT complete tutorial videos help developers quickly master deployment and application.


SuperAPI WDT Cloud

51SuperAPI is a set of programming interfaces developed by JavaScript language connecting between Web pages and cloud rendering platforms. It is used to complete the cloud rendering scenes in WEB applications and the three-dimensional scene interaction under the B/S architecture. 51SuperAPI is compatible with the current mainstream JavaScript front-end framework, providing front-end developers with a fast and convenient development interface.


Fast interface between the web and AES cloud scene

Realize two-way interactive control of 3D scene

Based on JavaScript language development

SuperAPI V3.3 New Function Highlight Area



What is the recommended development process for the SuperAPI project?

1. Developer new project, based on HTML, Vue, React
2. Design drawing slicing to complete the page layout
3. Integrate chart components into the page
4. Refer to the development manual to write JS code and push cloud rendering resources to the front end
5. Write logic code for 3D interaction

How does 51WORLD work with developers in the project?

①Front end (show);
② Backend (data):
A. 51WORLD is not responsible for back-end construction services;
B. The developer needs to set up a service on the back end to obtain, clean, and perform all data (web panel + 3D scene);
The data obtained by the backend are all 3D scenes sent by the developer to 51WORLD through the standard JS method on the front end.


The 51WORLD Developer Tool (WDT) is a series of tools based on the B/S architecture and 51WORLD core product all-element scene (AES), helping ecological partners to build and output solutions for the industry. WDT aims to quickly empower the entire industry with the basic capabilities of digital twins and help ecological partners build a digital twin control management platform with high efficiency and low cost.


Tools such as data integration and visualization panel building

0 code base, all-you-can-get application development

Pan-industry, full-featured, nanny-style application construction

WDT 2.0 New Features Blueprint System

Graphical programming, complete the flow of business events with blueprints,Connect each node in series according to business requirements to obtain a visual and global event streamline network



What tools does WDT include?

The developer tool chain includes the following sub-tools: DIP (data integration platform), visualization panel building tool (WebMaker), algorithm service tool ( including video perception fusion service, video perception recognition service), SuperAPI scene interaction tool, user authority management tool, data maintenance tool, and cloud rendering services that support scene output.

What is the video-aware convergence service?

The main presentation of the video perception fusion service is the video fusion backplane, that is, the fusion of surveillance video into the digital backplane.
In the traditional surveillance system, supervisors need to watch multiple sub-cameras and scattered multi-channel surveillance video resources, which they cannot handle at the same time.
The video perception fusion engine integrates video processing, fusion, analysis and recognition services. Providing monitoring services for people, vehicles, objects, and places is an upgrade to the existing security monitoring system. In the tool chain solution, the realization of video fusion will use the SuperAPI video fusion standard method to achieve scene coverage access and content configuration.

51Cloud completes rendering in the cloud, using video streaming technology to transmit the 3D rendering to users in real-time, creating a consistent among terminals.


Cloud computing + video streaming real-time cloud rendering platform

Multi-terminal, cross-platform products present digital twin scenarios

Fully support large-scale applications of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and edge computing



How to deploy and use 51Cloud cloud rendering?

51Cloud rendering mainly uses the rendering capabilities of graphics cards to output high-quality 3D images.
The servers that deploy and use 51Cloud rendering must be equipped with high-performance graphics cards.Limited by the number of graphics cards and the computing performance of a single graphics card
the number of concurrent project accesses and project access scenarios are important requirements in the early stage of the project. An early understanding of the working principle of cloud rendering will further promote project communication and clarify project requirements.

How about 51Cloud bandwidth optimization?

Recently, we have successfully achieved a bandwidth optimization of more than 50% through engine upgrades, rendering streaming and compression algorithm optimization, client development, which greatly reduced the cloud rendering network bandwidth usage requirements.

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