Multi-sensor Virtual Annotation Data Set

51WORLD multi-sensor virtual annotation data set, including that of camera, lidar and millimeter-wave radar, is extracted from 51Sim-One’s diversified high — quality scenarios of complex roads under extreme working and weather conditions. Taking the advantages of the simulation software and automatic annotation, it addresses the difficulty of data collection under extreme conditions and the intricacy of accurate labeling at a lower cost, effectively upgrading the testing and training of fusion algorithms of the sensors.Video “Multi-sensor distributed — offline virtual annotation dataset 1080p.mp4”

Physical lighting

The simulated scene is based on physical lighting, respecting the law of energy conservation. The solar illuminance is calculated on the spectral irradiance of different wavelengths and real data.

Parameterized weather system

It supports configuring the parameters of sky, clouds, rain, snow and fog, and the effects vary with different weather conditions.

Physical-level camera and lidar simulation based on real sensor calibration

The camera simulation supports physical parameters such as color restoration, dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio, and sharpness; it also stimulates defects such as glare, dispersion purple fringing, distortion, and noise. Lidar simulation supports reflection intensity and noise simulation in the real world.

2D/3D bounding box truth-value output from multiple perspectives such as car side, roadside, and airside

It provides perfectly-fit 2D/3D bounding box information, including the unique ID, type, position, orientation, speed and size of an obstacle. It also supports AABB (axis-aligned bounding box) and OBB (oriented bounding box).

Pixel-level true-value output such as depth image, semantic and instance segmentation image, optical flow, etc.

It provides the true values of the depth image corresponding to each RGB, the automatic annotation of the semantic and instance segmentation of 30 types of objects, and the annotation of forwarding optical flow and backward optical flow.

Perfect synchronization of multi-sensor data sets

Each type of data is completely synchronized, to the accuracy of the position and orientation of each car, and the posture and movement of each pedestrian. Multi-sensor data can be fully synchronized.

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