All Element Scene (AES) is the core product of 51WORLD. AES is an interactive 3D simulation generated by real-time computer rendering based on real geographic information, combining various elements of the physical world, and can be widely used in all industries that require the application of digital twin technology.

AES1.0 Five Features

Multi-source Data Compatibility

Define AES data standard, compatible with GIS, OSGB, POINT CLOUD, DOM / DEM, BIM, CAD and other data

Structured Entity Attributes

Lay the foundation for automation
Decoupling everything in the world
Refactoring the digital twin

What You See Is What You Get

What you see is what you generate.
Speed increased by 2-3 times
The effect is increased by 2-3 times

Real-time Editability

Real-time production and modification
Every entity can be selected and modified


Excellent quality and performance
Detail difference segmentation
The best picture quality

Urban skeleton application cities (part)

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