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The leading VR home-viewing platform in China

Full-cycle scene of real estate15-day production cycle, 150 days earlier than the traditional way

Region Planning
VRwebVRAR3D+Mobile Showcase We can help you view the planned region from above with VR and learn more about the traffic layout beforehand.
Sand Table of Home Type
VRwebVRAR3D HD Video3D+ We can help you view the home layout from above with VR and know more about the height of each floor and space.
Indoor Roaming
VRwebVR In 51 interactive VR sample home, you can freely walk, touch, interact, move and achieve anything that is possible or impossible in real life from the first perspective.
Garden Landscape
VRwebVRAR720° HD Video3D+Mobile Showcase It allows you to walk in the garden of your future residence area and experience the surroundings and the four seasons of the future residence area.
Intellectual Sales
VRWebsiteWechat3D+ Intellectual sales assistant Hugo can offer user a wealth of convenient and quick Q & A service.

Self-independent interactive virtual reality sample home with global award

Complete upgrading of 51VR virtual sample homeFuture is now, have a try

scene interaction and open node
daylight and night, real sunshine
outdoor landscape , same with the real scene
material customization, one-key transformation
any home type, any floor height
walk freely and roam indoor
Real spaceYou can use Light House technology to realize space positioning based on optical capture, making you walk freely in the real sample home.
Real experienceWith 2K resolution ratio and 90Hz refresh rate, we can help you get rid of dizziness and dimness and other uncomfortable feelings. Anyone, regardless of gender and age, can operate and view the future home.
Real interactionWith the help of motion-sensitive equipment, we can help you interact with the environment and objects. Here, all the people are home designers.
Real surroundingsYou can experience the change of day and night within 5 minutes and learn about the duration of sunshine, view the real landscape outside the window with different views for different floors and give you more good experience than the real home sample.

Covering all marketing mediaMarketing and home-viewing anytime, anywhere

PC-VR PC-VR Mobile/PC Mobile/PC Mobile phone-VR Mobile phone-VR

Once it is produced, you can use it in different platformsNo matter VR or 3D, you can use it in different platforms once it is produced, which helps you view the home using different equipments anywhere

different platform

Nationally-leading companyFirst-class R & D team and taking up 80% of global resources

124cities and areas

Future home is around the corner15-day production cycle, 150 days earlier than the traditional way

Real sample home VS VR sample home
180 days after obtaining the land time for commencement 30 days after obtaining the land
60-90 days period of project 7-14 days
fixed decoration style optional
single or none floor optional
single direction optional
single or none outdoor real landscape (drone)
single or none interaction interactive

3A-level game-developing engine-UE4Presenting the real scene

Comparison of the technology UE4-VR sample home U3D-VR sample home Sample home panorama picture (home-viewing with mobile phone)
Immersion 95% 58% 10%
Three-dimension 91% 47% ——
Human-environment interaction 92% 61% ——
Picture rendering 89% 27% 33%
Real lighting system 85% —— ——
Market occupancy 51VR ≈80% ≈30%

Nationally known brand51VR is the No.1 in VR sample home

  • HTC global developer conference51Wofang was invited to give a speech in HTC global developer conference during which VR2.0 sample home became the Steam VR Best Commercial Case
  • CES2016 Global conference51Wofang was officially invited to CES2016 Global conference and its “VR+AI” created a sensation in the Silicon Valley
  • Interview with People.com.cnSharing the experience of VR technology in commercial world

Starting VR Era51VR is starting the VR era with global users, developers and contents makers