Four core capabilities of 51City OS

Comprehensive Data Integration

Integrate multiple types of multi-dimensional data such as business, hardware, and third parties. PDCA closed-loop to complete data integration, cleaning, utilization, and feedback.

Real-time Control

Introduce real-time data and output instructions to the platform. Data space labels are assigned to manage objects, which solves the problems of tedious operation of traditional software, such as frequent switching, data fragmentation, permission fragmentation, and non-association of objects.

Fusion Data Analysis and Prediction Capabilities

Analyze the data through several warehouses, and use BI for better presentation and operation. Through parameterized and vectorized mathematical models, appropriate simulation predictions for specific services are performed.

Real-time Rendering Capabilities

Multiple terminals such as iPad, iPhone, PC share the same quality and operating experience as the mainframe.Combined with 5G, it achieves the management convenience of multiple terminals, multiple systems, multiple platforms, multiple scenarios, and multiple times. Management can be easier.

CBD of Swan Lake in Hefei

The smart city operation platform Really and delicately integrate the urban appearance of built, under construction, and planning. It can introduce systems such as party building, investment promotion, planning, and third-party maps to help the government report construction results to superior units efficiently and intuitively. It can also show investment invitation to the business community. Solve the pain points such as unclear communication, high investment cost, unattractiveness, outdated investment methods, and low efficiency of conversion rate.

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