Full-range data integration

Integrating multi-categorical, multi-dimensional data like a business, hardware, third-party, etc.
Completing the PDCA closed loop for data integration, cleansing, utilization, and feedback

Real-time visual control

Introducing real-time data and output instructions to timely manage objects by conferring spatial properties on the data
Addressing issues of cumbersome operations, frequent switching, isolated statistics, and permission, as well as unrelated objects in traditional software.

Integrated data analysis and prediction

Analyzing data through several DWH and using BI for better presentation and operation
Predicting a particular business with a parameterized and vectorized mathematical model

Real-time rendering

Giving iPad, iPhone, and non-high-performance PCs the same picture quality and operating experience as mainframes
Multi-terminal, multi-system, multi-platform, multi-scene, multi-time management at your fingertips with 5G.


Swan Lake CBD Digital Twin System, Hefei

The system truthfully and delicately replicates the city landscape before and after construction, introduce elements such as communist party building, investment, planning and third-party maps, which helps efficient and vivid report of construction progress to senior officials and attracts investment from the industrial and commercial industry. In the later stage, operation data of the city can be joined to complete the governing concept of “planning, building, managing and providing services”. It addresses the lasting problems of obstructed communication, high cost, obsolete methods and unsatisfactory promotion effect of attracting offsite investment.

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