51VR Autonomous Driving Simulator

Platform Introduction

By creating accurate physics models, simulating traffic, and re-creating vehicle sensor capabilities, 51VR can systematically test and train the perception, decision-making, and control capabilities of autonomous vehicles in multiple situations. Simulations for autonomous vehicles have an advantage in terms of safety, efficiency, and adaptability compared to their real-road counterparts while producing a comparable level of accuracy.

Core Capabilities

Testing and training of vehicle sensors
Testing and training of self-driving algorithms
Automated and semi-automated construction of highly realistic scenery
Smart traffic simulation, dynamic traffic scene constructio
Virtual recreation of scenery based on real world case studies
Visualization for test cases

Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Project

51VR has already began running a pilot program with the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Association (Shanghai). Based on the actual traffic conditions of Jiading, we create virtual training grounds for autonomous vehicles.