Owning the Future
without Imagination

This time, VR/AR allows people to believe that the future is around the cornerDuring the past century, human beings created the car which became more and more populous with the passage of time.
Now, it is difficult for people to imagine what new functions and features that car can bring to us in the future

Experiencing car with VR
Digital marketing
Online shopping store
Car customization
Simulated maintenance

VR CAR, a new way to experience your car

During the past century, people are used to experience car in the 4S shop which has not changed since then
You can experience the car in an immersive way with VR regardless of your location
What you can experience not only includes the appearance, decoration, accessory and function of the car, but also includes the driving experience

More than realIf you still doubt there is difference between the real car and the car in VR technology, we can assure you that with the progress of the technology there are too many breakthroughs and innovations that have eradicated that difference. With our 51VR, we can create the same VR car as the real car

AI CAR, customization for pretty assistantHave you ever imagine the scene that a pretty assistant can accompany you, answer your questions, make a plan for car purchase and enable you to experience the speed of the car as a co-driver

AR CAR, next-generation driving technologyAugmented Reality, both real and virtual, can bring more fun and safety for driving

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