The 51WORLD Developer Tool (WDT) is a series of tools based on the B/S architecture and 51WORLD core product all-element scene (AES), helping ecological partners to build and output solutions for the industry. WDT aims to quickly empower the entire industry with the basic capabilities of digital twins and help ecological partners build a digital twin control management platform with high efficiency and low cost.

Product Advantages

Efficiency Comparison

Under the circumstance of preparing the same materials, complete the development of three business panels + dynamic data display + configuration of 25 events. After using developer tools, the efficiency is significantly improved compared to self-development.


Using WDT



Self-development (coding)

Introduction to WDT Developer Toolchain

The WDT developer tool chain includes the following two sub-tools: DIP(Data Integration Platform)and WebMaker(visualization panel building tool)

DIP(Data Integration Platform)

The DIP is the bottom of the entire tool chain to integrate and store data from multiple sources (some necessary data), and then output to each application. Its capabilities are mainly realized by the following services: data collection (theme management, data source management, data set management), data publishing (API management), and video stream access(Haikang video preview configuration). The platform architecture is divided into two layers, namely the data collection layer and the data access layer.

The data access layer provides the service of SQL interface, which is given to the client through the RestfulApi interface, and the client obtains the wanted data by themselves. The function of user authorization is also provided to ensure the security of the interface data.

Product Features

Data Collection

developers customize data output themes and database access management as needed.

Data Set Management

perform data set and data table query, confirm table code and contents, and output data quickly and accurately.

Data Publishing

manage database API, static file API. Rely on SQL to quickly extract data.

Video Stream Access

realize video stream access

WebMaker (Visualization Panel Building Tool)

WebMaker is a tool to help developers quickly build large-screen panels. By selecting and accessing the pre-made multi-type charts, it can achieve dynamic or static data graphical presentation and supports visual page editing. Layout chart components and other graphics, text, pictures, and other components on the canvas in a drag-and-drop method to conveniently build a visual data panel. By binding component elements to the SuperAPI standard method and interactive events such as page transfer, component display, and concealment. It outputs the digital twin application with a beautiful appearance and strong flexibility.

The dynamic data can be exported by API and 51DIP, or by a third-party export source that meets the requirements of the data structure. Through API access, real-time data can be displayed in the chart.

Static data can be set in the visualization panel building tool when configuring the chart data. The demonstration data can be directly presented in the chart.

Product Features

Chart Management

The system has built-in more than 10 types and more than 20 styles of charts which can be freely matched and customized color matching. The system has prefabricated more than 60 component elements and supports customized uploading. Developers can add new edits or manage charts according to business needs.

Panel Management

The panel is a visual layer parallel to the scene, which integrates many elements including charts, text, pictures, and decorative graphics. It serves as the interactive portal of the web application and provides data visualization display and scene interaction for the digital twin operation.

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