The Smart X business provides scenarios and solutions based on different industry characteristics and needs, such as ports, manufacturing, energy, railway, etc.Smart X business can serve any scenari. The only limit is your imagination.

Smart Port Digital Twin Platform

Business Refined Full-cycle Process Management
It includes design verification, plan simulation, production scheduling, operation monitoring, and statistical analysis, etc.
Production Scheduling Information Synchronization
Dispatchers use the platform to master the whole process. Operators observe the execution results of the equipment in real-time and respond immediately. Container clerks can save time and effort. The security personnel monitor abnormal conditions in real-time to ensure the safety of production. Operation and maintenance personnel control the equipment maintenance status in time, improving sustainable equipment productivity
Improve Comprehensive Production Efficiency
It can synchronize the perception of the physical world, the update of physical operation laws and physical attributes, which truly reflects the power of 5G's high-speed, low-latency, large-scale machine communication and enhanced mobile broadband.

Smart Manufacturing Digital Twin Platform

Data aggregation
Synchronize various business lines with IoT devices, effectively breaking data islands. Efficient calls on the same screen make communication between different departments smoother and reduce handover delays.
Improve Management Efficiency
The system can quickly locate equipment failure and select the best person to deal with it, effectively improving production efficiency.
Reduce Security Risks
AI analysis accurately distinguishes any personnel (marking and monitoring in real-time).
Virtual and Real Interaction
Two-way control equipment supports multi-terminal application and 2D/3D flexible switching.

Smart Energy Digital Twin Platform

Real-time Business Analysis
The comprehensive display platform can analyze and display various data information such as enterprise-scale, production, and operation on the big screen with intuitive graphics and text, and meet the requirements of accurate, real-time and comprehensive monitoring operation information.
Improve Safety and Management Level
The platform locates the position of inspection personnel and the movement trajectories which improve the work execution rate of employees and the level of safety management. It can also supervise employees to meet safety production requirements, fundamentally prevent steam pipe leakage and dangerous gas leakage in power plants.
Improve Operational Efficiency
The platform can do energy planning, energy monitoring, energy statistics, energy consumption analysis, the display of energy consumption equipment, and energy metering equipment management so that enterprise managers can monitor the operation status of the enterprise, and accurately control the proportion of energy cost and development trend.
Power Plant Roaming Simulation and Maintenance Positioning
The platform can assist in determining the key content of visiting and create visiting routes. Combined with data transmission technology, the main parameters of the operation are displayed in real-time in the three-dimensional scene, which can improve the level of enterprise informatization and corporate image.

Smart Railway Digital Twin Platform

Improve Management Efficiency
All the data can be displayed on one screen, such as train entry and exit schedules, gate management, screen door management, electrical equipment, escalator status, fire equipment, personnel on duty, etc. The management of the railway can be continuously optimized through statistics and cross-analysis.
Ensure Railway Safety
The real-time monitoring platform conducts gathering and red line warning. When an emergency occurs, security personnel can rush to the scene as soon as possible to ensure safety. Feedback on the usage of all IoT devices avoid accidents caused by equipment damage.
Simulation and Prediction
The platform gathers data such as shift information, station maps, and surrounding traffic conditions, and simulate various scenarios. These results can provide strong support for railway management.

Benchmarking Cases

Strong Magnetic Field Center, Hefei Institute of Physical Science,
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Through the restoration of the real scene and the interconnection of real-time data, the entire strong magnetic field center can operate in a digital twin world. This project has access to 80% of equipment data and can realize reverse control. The equipment assets can be managed online, which brings high efficiency to the team.

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