51WORLD adopts all-element scene digital twin technology and creates an all-in-one management system that gathers water quality monitoring data, water affairs operational data, water network, water conservancy, land information, etc. The system can realize the intuitive visualization of multi-source data to the natural water system and urban pipeline network which helps frontline personnel and decision-makers to respond quickly.

Lake and Reservoir Governance Plan

The platform restores large-scale lakes, reservoirs and surrounding scenes in a ratio of 1:1 and presents water network information, water quality information, geographic information and other data. Through analyzing historical data and simulation, the platform can provide strong support for ecological governance, such as inspection points of the reservoir and the control of opening and closing of the sluices which ensures the safety of lakes and reservoirs.

IoT Perception Management Plan for River and Irrigation Canal

The platform restores rivers, irrigation canals and surrounding scenes, and presents river water quality, rock formations, soil and other data, which can helpmanagers complete section analysis, terrain analysis, surface lithology analysis, soil property analysis, and vegetation coverage calculation, etc. Through real-time monitoring of riverbed siltation, the hidden river hazards can be detected and solved early. Through simulation and previews of construction projects such as diversion, dredging and bank protection, it can reduce construction risks and costs.

Urban Water Supply and Drainage Governance Plan

Through AES (All-elements Scenes) large-scale scene generation technology, it can accurately and quickly restore the scenes of the entire city, water plant and related pipe network, and connect the real-time real data of the drainage system and sewage plant to form an all-in-one water pipe network data monitoring operation platform. The platform can record the weather conditions, rainfall, water circulation and surface water level difference throughout the year. It can also monitor the operation of the overall water network equipment in real-time, eliminate hidden dangers of pipeline aging problem, and effectively monitor areas with poor drainage conditions, providing strong support for urban planning.

Water Conservancy Facility Management Plan

With digital twin technology, different types of hydraulic structures such as dams, dikes, spillways, sluices, water inlets, channels, ferry channels, raft channels, fish channels are physically restored with 1:1 ratio. Before the implementation of the water conservancy construction project, the platform can perform many simulation previews. It can ensure safety and maximize the efficiency of the construction after comprehensive consideration and reasonable arrangement. After completion, the system can be connected to real-time data for continuous operation, effectively monitoring the operating conditions of water conservancy facilities.

Water Pollution Simulation

The system loaded the water quality data collected by the sensors deployed in the lake and visualized them with different shades of colors according to the degree of water pollution. At the same time, the system demonstrated the changes in water quality in a given period with the analyzed results over time displaying on both sides of the panels. By replicating the water quality and the impact of the surrounding rivers on the lake, the managers were capable of visually observing the water quality of the lake and quickly making corresponding measures.

Smart Patrolling Simulation

As for the UAVs and unmanned ships, the system mapped out real-time patrol routes in the digital twin scenes of the lakes and realistically represented the law enforcement process from a third perspective, thus helping reasonable allocation of the task forces and ensuring water safety and ecological stability.

Flood inundation analysis

With digital twin technology, the system can perform simulations and provide emergency demonstrations, real-time surveillance in flood-prone areas, and evacuation in disaster-stricken regions. Base on the analysis results, it helps managers make accurate decisions.

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