Temasek Surbana Jurong, Singapore

Surbana Jurong is the smart city designing and development company of Temasek, founded by Singapore’s national sovereignty wealth fund. It is the main consultant, designer and builder of Singapore’s national infrastructure, rental housing and parks (such as Surbana Jurong Industrial Park). This project assists SJ to incorporate services and systems of Singapore’s transport, elevators, parks, greenery, and drainage and forges a unified platform for internal management, government reporting, and public display, making SJ more intelligent, open and transparent.


Tongzhou MOMA

Tongzhou MOMA is a high-end green residential community. It is a promotional intelligent case of multiple terminals, scenes and sites. The sales personnel can elaborate on the project, supporting facilities, technologies, apartment layout and property management, using a realistic 3D digital sand table with weather and lighting conditions, in cases, exhibition sites, or on WeChat. Even a layman could understand the project. A data analysis system is built on this platform to further understand tenant interaction, portraits, team follow-up, etc., to create an unbounded technological case for better promotion.


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