Smart Real Estate Sales System (ROS) is 51WORLD’s multi-platform, multi-scenario, and multi-period product. Based on AES (all-element scenes), ROS creates urban skeleton, digital sandboxes, and one-time content production, from urban strategic layout to precise real estate display. ROS serves the entire life cycle of real estate and assists project managers and real estate consultants to demonstrate, expand the business, and increase conversion rate. In the operation stage in the whole real estate project, it can turn into a project operation center connected to ERP, property, IoT, and other systems to build a project operation control center.

Project Full-lifecycle Application

Land acquisition

Urban Strategy

Real estate sales

Construction Method Demonstration

Smart operation

Smart Sales Center, Improve Conversion Rate, and Expand Customer Flow

Save time

Sales node ahead of schedule


With the same budget, more
VR content can replace other media materials

Garden/Big scene

Community planning, garden design,
large project planning

Optimize experience

Visit the house anytime, anywhere

Off-site sales

tourism, suburbs real estate


VR concept marketing, AI welcome visit,
value-added service package

High premium communication

Craftwork methods, technology buildings,
technology facilities, smart homes

Technology sales center

Temporary, fixed and
mobile sales center

Case management

Pre-sales training, AI-assisted sales,
DA case data collection

Multi-project Connection, Cool and Intuitive, Brilliant Sales Tool

Benchmarking Cases


Zhonghai Tianfuli

The Tianfuli Landmark of Zhonghai is the first super-landmark of direct investment and direct construction of Chinese architecture in the future.Through the 51WORLD digital twin technology, builders and governments show the results of urban planning and scientific development to the society and citizens several years in advance. The system covers areas such as location, supporting facilities, transportation, education, business, and leisure. Made once, used many times. In addition, through the digital sandbox, model house roaming, garden experience and other content, the sales period can be advanced by 3-6 months. Stores can be added at various terminals, cases, and exhibition venues. Preparing for the super hot plate, quickly sale-out.

Sydney Harbour

51WORLD is a benchmarking project for Sydney, the capital of Australia’s east coast, based on the digital twin technology of full factor scenes. The project is located in Sydney Harbour next to the famous landmark Opera House. It is a 48-story residential hotel complex. 51WORLD produced for the project the first local Sydney Harbour and Sydney city center restored with the digital twin technology 1: 1. The Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Lover’s Harbour and other famous landmarks, as well as the entire Sydney Central business district, were displayed. The window view to Sydney Harbour was independently produced on each floor, which fully demonstrated the superiority and high-end of the project. This project is still under development. In the future, Sydney’s annual New Year fireworks and Vivid lighting show will be added to the port display to bring a unique experience to users.


Tongzhou WanGuoCheng MOMA

Assist in the creation of a multi-terminal scenario and multi-smart smart venue product promotion and drainage system based on the 5G environment. Compatible with more terminal hardware devices, suitable for easy display in a variety of environments, such as courts, exhibition sites, extension sites, WeChat terminals, etc. Use realistic 3D digital sandboxes with weather and lighting systems to vividly show and explain projects, supporting facilities, technology systems, units, properties to customers. It can also convey project value, and bring customers a more vivid experience. The platform has a built-in data analysis system, which learns customer interaction, portraits and other information to shape an unbounded smart sales center. It is easier to reach customers, and have a higher premium.

Poly International La Trobe Commercial Building

The 3D interactive marketing system covers a wide range of display elements, including building design, interior office configuration, amenities and rooftop terrace. It also provides a 24 hours time transition feature and floorplan showcase for each floor. Being the first 3D sales system deployed in Australia for commercial building marketing, the immersive experience offered by the system to potential tenants has significantly raised the turnover rate and marked an innovative breakthrough in Asutralia property market.


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