51Park OS (smart park) and 51Building OS (smart buildings) upgrade the management from 2D to 3D and collects BIM, CAD, IoT, ERP, and other data. It can realize park planning, design, and deduction, product promotion, investment promotion, continuous operation, property management, etc. It can help to build a smart park, improve management efficiency, and quickly complete the park entry indicators.

Value Highlights

Structure capping capability

Data analysis and operation control decisions for the construction and the capping of smart parks.

All-element expression

All-element scenes L1-L5 are graded to truly restore the facades and interior scenes of the park’s garden buildings

Full life cycle

It can be used for multiple productions at one time. It can be a data sandbox for design planning and merchandising promotion. It can be an IOC for property services and park operations

Global planning

Achieve multi-site management

Application Scenario

Smart community

Smart arena

Industrial park


Smart port

Smart travel

Smart airport

Smart building

Smart Factory

Smart Campus

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Benchmarking Cases


Huawei’s Global Headquarter IOC-MAX in Bantian

51WORLD reproduces a realistic, high-fidelity industrial park for the administration department in the Huawei headquarter. It connects Huawei’s full set of operating systems, lands comprehensive situation, and combines services such as security, asset management, equipment management, energy management, energy consumption forecasting, etc. delivering a prime project and best practices in the park.It assists Huawei in terms of managing efficiency, customer experience, as well as program landing. The project addresses the thorny issues of isolated IOC centers, repeated construction, insufficient practices in industry solutions and excessive systems and data which obstruct accurate operation, 5G visualization, etc.

MOMA Smart Community

As the first high-level community in China that has been awarded the United States LEED-ND certification and the China Green Building Samsung Operation Logo with dual industry authority honors, the contemporary MOMA smart community uses the 51WORLD all-element scene digital twin technology to restore the full picture of the MOMA community. Its daily operations, security monitoring, equipment management, energy efficiency management, and property information can be loaded on the 51WORLD smart community management platform to facilitate and secure community operation. It helps to build a green technology and smart community ecology.


Great Stone (China-Belorussia)Industrial Park (State-level Park of the Belt and Road Initiative)

51WORLD builds a visionary and easy-to-use digital twin platform for China-Belorussia Industrial Park and firstly incorporates the business applications of park introduction, investment, company promotion, land projects, logistics, and industrial raw material prices, etc., facilitating quick and efficient publicity to attract investors in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

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