51CityOS is a digital twin technology-based, realistic and high-precision urban digital 3D model with real-time and space information. It integrates IoT, business, and Internet data. It can be used in planning, design preview, city product promotion, investment promotion, continuous operation, emergency management, traffic dredging plan evaluation, driverless training, etc. It helps governments and managers land on a "one map to acquire info of the whole city" plan.

All-element expression

Build high-precision, vectorized, editable digital twin worlds based on real-world scenes of cities, roads, buildings, vegetation, etc

Space tags your data

Build a unified 3D visualization management platform with both visual realities, physical information simulation of geographic information, and free interaction to make the space smarter

Opening up data isolation

Establish a data sharing and exchange platform to realize global management, information sharing, and promote efficiency

Real-time operations management

Realize remote images and integrate command and dispatch

Implementing multiple terminals and all scenarios

Content development can be applied to various hardware display terminal equipment. The whole scene can be displayed and experienced in the field, off-site extension, data analysis, project promotion, etc


Establishing the basis for sorting out twin scenarios for space simulation and plan deduction

Application Scenario

Smart government

Smart planning

Smart transportation

Smart waterworks

Smart policing

Smart environmental protection

Smart electric power

Smart emergency planning

Smart investment promotion, smart service, smart exhibition, more are waiting for you to discover ...

Benchmarking Cases


Hefei Swan Lake Smart Government Affairs System

Anhui Swan Lake Smart City Investment Operation Management Platform System is 51WORLD’s high-precision 3D urban CBD regional scene restoration, which integrates a comprehensive legal database in the core area of CBD and related government affairs system information. The vivid and comprehensive platform provides support and assistance to the city’s investment promotion development, enterprise services, people’s livelihood services, refined governance, and assistance in improving the level of city operations.

Singapore Smart City Management System

51WORLD’s benchmarking work for smart cities in Singapore. The project was produced by Singapore’s top developer Surbana Jurong. ※ The Singapore government, restoring a panoramic view of Singapore. The high-precision restoration of Surbana Jurong’s new park was realized. The project integrates information on transportation, elevators, parks, building energy-saving ratings, drainage and other information deployed by SJ in Singapore. Based on this, a unified platform combining internal management, government reporting, and public display is created, which integrates city operations and real estate management. Provides city operators with the ability to monitor traffic, monitor building operations, monitor bridge maintenance, and simulate floods.Note: Surbana Jurong is a stake in Temasek, Singapore‘s national sovereign fund. The Singapore Jurong Industrial Park referenced by the Suzhou Industrial Park was developed by Surbana Jurong.


Digital twin platform of JD

As a strategic partner, 51WORLD and Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. jointly created an upgraded version of the city’s operating system-Smart City Operating System 2.0 and developed an industry-leading digital visualization platform for this system. It is used to build the world’s leading urban big data platform. Guided by the N + 1 + X data management system, it builds an exclusive urban operating system, a block data platform, for the construction of a digital twin city in Xiong’an New Area. The platform will be the global data aggregation center, data management center, AI empowerment center and data service center of Xiong’an New District, in order to consolidate the foundation of Xiong’an smart city, enhance the core competitiveness of Xiong’an digital industry.

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