Product Feature


Each object has a separate semantic label that can be split


Data platforms, scenarios and BI can be flexibly matched


Open editing for BI, scene lighting, scene range, partial fields, etc.


The system’s data can be read and written in milliseconds


Managing cities, parks, buildings with space as the core rather than the system


Providing traceability and short-term forecasts for data, equipment, and space


Efficiently converting GIS, 3DM, SU, CAD, etc. for restoration


Accessing data and operations for two-way control

Product value

Spatial attribute

Conferring spatial properties on data, sensors, and objects to make the users quickly understand event location and space operations


Compared with traditional solutions, it can integrate information such as GIS, 3DM, BIM and CAD, and deliver quantifiable, realistic scenarios representation and application of different precision according to users’ actual needs.

Multiple scenes

Cities, communities, parks, buildings, etc. can be flexibly combined on the platform’s digital board

Long cycle

Adapting to various stages of land acquisition, park design, investment attracting as well as park operation. The space is relatively fixed and endures long-term growth. On the basis of gridding, we provide smooth updates to the sensor level


For the first time, the industry is able to provide the same level of image quality, performance, smoothness on terminals like Windows, MAC, Linus and IOS, as on mainframes and GPU renderers with the help of 5G. What’s more, multiple screens can be linked with each other.

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