Platform Introduction

51VR smart city platform is the core visualization component for any city's smart operation. By virtually recreating entire cities, we manage to centralize and visualize previously isolated datasets from different governmental agencies. We help increase government efficiency in planning, traffic management, public safety, environmental management, economic planning, and democratization by leveraging big data on our 3D platform.

Core Capabilities

3D scene visualization

Through our collection of digital assets in our customized database (51DAD) and a variety of algorithmic scenery reconstruction techniques, we can quickly recreate up to 100K square kilometers of urban space. We also have established our own standard of precision in recreation from L1(low) to L5(high).

Data integration visualization

Our data integration and visualization platform (51DIP) supports multiple formats of input and output, enabling operators to control and read data from many different types of IOT devices and thus to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Real-time cloud rendering

Our clouding rendering platform (51CRP) enables us to break free from local hardware limitations by providing an edge and cloud computing solution. In real-time, it renders cutting edge 3D graphics and streams to large display screens, tablets, and mobile phones.