Platform Introduction

51VR Smart City Visualization Platform is the core carrier for city smart operation management in a visualized, scenario-based and intelligent way. Based on the 3D scene of the virtual real city, the platform breaks through the data islets of various government departments, and provides '3D scenes + big data' for key areas such as urban municipal facilities, urban transportation, public security, ecological environment, macroeconomics, and public sentiment. The visual operation management platform enhances city operation and management capabilities.


3D scene visualization

51DAD(Digital Assets Database)and a variety of real-to-virtual-world restoration technologies provide a convenient and efficient way to reconstruct ultra-real virtual scenes, which supports the rapid construction of tens of square kilometers of super-large city scenes, and proposes a five-level virtual world grading system of L1-L5.

Data integration visualization

51DIP (Data Integration Platform) supports the integration of multiple types of data sources, based on 3D scene data visualization and intelligent interactive control of IOT device, to provide users with real, comprehensive and interactive data decision basis.

Real-time cloud rendering

51CRP(Cloud Rendering Platform)breaks through the hardware configuration bottleneck of the terminals, and uses the edge computing and cloud computing real-time rendering technology to provide the best real-time rendering 3D display effect on large screen, iPad, mobile phone, etc.