51VR Smart City Management Platform

51VR smart city platform is the core visualization component for any city's smart operation. By virtually recreating entire cities, we manage to centralize and visualize previously isolated datasets from different governmental agencies. We help increase government efficiency in planning, traffic management, public safety, environmental management, economic planning, and democratization by leveraging big data on our 3D platform.

51VR Smart Tourism Platform

Based on GIS, 3D modeling and data-integration techniques, we create an visual operations platform for tourist locations. Our platform processes and enables operators to monitor infrastructure, resources, population density, environmental factors and security measures.

51VR Smart Park Platform

In the planning and investment stage, parks can visualize new proposed components with our 3D modeling capabilities. During operations, park operators can tap into data concerning finance, businesses, resources and security leveraging big data analytics and artificial intelligence to aid in decision making.

Shenzhen Bay Super City of the Future

Jinan Shanda Industrial Park

51VR Smart Building Platform

We create a 3D control panel to replace more traditional BA building control systems. By visualizing lighting conditions, security, fire hazards, and data from smart devices, we help operators find anomalies, and manage their properties with increased efficiency.