51VR Smart City Management Platform

51VR Smart City Visualization Platform is the core carrier for city smart operation management in a visualized, scenario-based and intelligent way. Based on the 3D scene of the virtual real city, the platform breaks through the data islets of various government departments, and provides '3D scenes + big data' for key areas such as urban municipal facilities, urban transportation, public security, ecological environment, macroeconomics, and public sentiment. The visual operation management platform enhances city operation and management capabilities.

51VR Smart Tourism Platform

Based on GIS, 3D modeling technology and data integration center, 51VR Smart Tourism Platform establishes a 3D visual intelligent operation platform for cultural tourism projects, characteristic towns and tourist attractions, and realizes digital operation analysis of regional infrastructure, tourism resources, human flow distribution, security monitoring, environmental quality, etc.

51VR Smart Park Platform

51VR Smart Park Platform helps in two stages of the park. In the planning investment stage, 3D scene modeling technology is used to realize multi-channel diversified display; In the continuous operation stage of the park, you can have access to asset, enterprise, energy, security and other operational links such as business data and camera IOT sensor data through the data integration center, and by relying on Big data analysis and artificial intelligence, you can realize smart operation and decision-making in the park.

Shenzhen Bay Super City of the Future

Jinan Shanda Industrial Park

51VR Smart Building Platform

Through the integration of traditional BA building control system in 3D scene, the 51VR Smart Building Platform provides visual display of building lighting, security monitoring, fire warning, intelligent equipment control. It helps building managers quickly locate abnormal locations, intelligent visual controls, and improves building management and operational efficiency.