Project Introduction

RealDrive focuses on the pain points in the current automotive marketing environment and is committed to building the most realistic virtual experience in an innovative spirit and providing the driving force for the real world. Adhere to "technological innovation" and use artificial intelligence and other high technology to help users and leverage the future.

Virtual Driving ProductCybertron-Matrix, a virtual driving product, provides the market with precise (0.01mm) control and very low latency (<30ms) motion simulation control solutions. Based on Stewart platform, force feedback technology and high-performance dynamic simulator of VR/AI, it provides immersive and realistic virtual driving experience.

VR Driving Simulator
Data Collecting
Scene Customization
Standard Case Library
Confrontation Training
Test Driving Evaluation
Regression Testing
Space Scanning and Recreating
Interactive R&D Testing
Vehicle Tuning

AR Augmented Testing Field

Data Visualization
Driver Monitoring
Risk Alert
Environment Recognition
AR Peripheral Display
Road Testing Safety
In-car Tracking
Data Analysis

BMW —— VR Based Driving Simulation

Realdrive,BMW's technology provider, simulatingthe real driving environment through the research and development of six-axis simulator, the body sensecontrol algorithm, the rapid generation of road data, and the construction of virtual scene, providing the users with immersive driving experience, offering the references and more possibilities for the automotive design, testing, verification and etc.

Weltmeister——AR SalesAssistant for Beijing Auto Show

Realdriveserves the“new car brand” Weltmeister, building the intelligent exhibition hall for Weltmeisterby using black technology AR sales assistant tool in Beijing auto show.Through augmented reality, we offer related software support for users to enter the Weltmeisterintelligent exhibition hall and explore things. Meanwhile,we providethedata supportto the sales consultant,raisingtheuser's viscosity and conversion rate.

FAW——Online Vehicle Interactive DisplayPlatform

Realdrivedevelopsa online vehicle interactive display platform for FAW Benteng, which canshowtheappearanceoffour FAW vehicles in360 degrees.Throughthe webpage link either on the PC or themobile, the users can enter the display system and interact with it. The users can change the vehicle color, switchlamp,controlthe vehicle to drive, enter inside the vehicle to view the interior, clickthe vehicle to view the hot spot information.