51CloudReal-time Rendering Platform

51Cloud completes rendering in the cloud, using video streaming technology to transmit the 3D rendering to users in real-time, creating a consistent among terminals.

Real-time Cloud Rendering
Smart CommunityWith daily operation and security monitoring on one screen, we create the most comfortable and safe to Beijing's high-level community, Modern MOMA.

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Real-time Cloud Rendering
Smart ParkHigh-precision three-dimensional restoration of large-scale park. Largely upgrade the efficiency of operation of the whole district, energy consumption management and comprehensive security.

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Chinese and English Switching

Support one-click switch between Chinese and English language interface

Theme Switching

Support one-click switch between dark and light interface modes

Keyword Search

Support instant keyword search

Warming-up and Reservation

The warm-up project starts quickly, and the start-up time is shortened to less than 5 seconds

Third Party Call

Mobile App provides third-party interface call access

Ultimate Quality

Using cloud high-performance rendering to provide 2K~4K high quality image, creating excellent experience

Real-time Response

Interactive efficiently in real time (based on high-performance computer and high-speed network)

Multi-terminal Compatibility

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows systems, providing a consistent experience across terminals

Flexible Expansion

Adopt distributed technology architecture to provide fast, efficient and flexible expansion

Secondary Development

Adopt Web video streaming technology to reduce access difficulty and fast integration

Edge Computing

One-click deployment and self-starting after booting to meet the usage scenarios of LAN

Private Cloud Deployment

Parameterized deployment of configuration items to meet enterprise intranet and extranet usage scenarios

Public Cloud Deployment

It supports deployment by public cloud service providers such as Huawei Cloud, JD Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud to meet the needs of enterprises

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