3D+, a real-time-rendered content display platform

Crafted to Perfection

New Tech, New Ways to Present3D+, a real-time-rendered content display platform, is developed off of 51VR’s superior technology advantage in virtual reality and content making experience, and has been deployed in industries like real estate, home decorating, automobile and more.

Product Impression

Superior Image Quality 8K resolution photorealistic graphics. 90Hz refreshing rate real-time render
City Scale Recreating entire urban downtown area with stunning details
Cross platform All devices and screen sizes covered from smartphones to projectors
Multiple ways of interaction Multiple ways of interaction: mouse and keyboard, touch screen, and remote control
Intelligent Voice Control Personal AI sales assistance with voice interaction


One Click SwitchOne click switch to immersive VR mode
Capture footage at your wishCapture panorama footage and share anytime you want
Real-time RenderCapability of exporting Hollywood-grade cinematic video
Multi-screen AvailabilityCross platform compatibility including iPad and web browser
Rapid ProductionExplore the 360 view in WebVR in no time
Various ResolutionPhotorealistic rendered picture in various resolutions
After making 3D+, you can get the following products in low price or even for free

All platform supported3D+ support different hardware to fulfil the need of displaying cross-platform

VR headset

One click switch to immersive VR mode

Monitor array

Best picture quality possible with multiple ways to control


Maximum screen real estate for the best viewing experience

All-in-one PC with touch screen

Introducing and displaying with no blind spots


Reuse the existing content for the most portability and price-to-performance ratio


Mobile show floor, the easiest way to spread

First tier computer graphic technology creates a tech eco system

Examples from our clients

Prime at Macquarie Park, Sydney

24 hours lighting for the maximum dynamic Freedom to explore the entire scene in a immersive way Made with next generation graphic just for the best quality possible


24 hours lighting combines with four seasons Recreating property in a million square meters scale  

427 9th Ave, Seattle

Share panorama picture with one click Easy to search units with customizable filter Experience driven navigation system ensures the best experience

Modern MEGAHALL, Tongzhou

Preview your future home prior to building progress Get actual view from each unit, what you see is what you get  

3D+ in other industries

Home Decorating

Step by step presenting the whole decorating process View all the details in every angel possible  


6-DOF dynamic simulation platform with millimeter level accuracy Professional steering wheel and pedals Intelligent motion cuing combined with motion compensation to reduce motion sickness


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