Crafted to Perfection

[3D + VR] "Edgeless Display" Sales Tool


Designed for large displays


iPad 3D+

Designed for mobile devices



Designed for immersive VR devices


For All kinds of Construction Projects

51VR "Edgeless display" is suitable for all kinds of real estate projects.

  • Residential

  • Villa

  • Residential and Commercial

  • Business

  • Cultural Tourism

  • Industrial Park

  • Overseas

  • Public Buildings

For all kinds of hardware

51VR "Edgeless Display" is suitable to most hardware, regardless of size

Intelligent Sandbox3D+VR interactive sandbox

Virtual Sample RoomVR/AR immersive sample room

Mobile Selling OfficeMobile showcase solution

Negotiation DisplayAll-purpose all-in-one

Scenario Surrounding SandboxMulti-purpose digital region map

3D+ KeynoteSuperb keynote tool

Decoration ExampleImmersive VR garden and commercial area

Craftsmanship DisplaySelf-serving tech experiencing area

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