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Brief introduction of 51Hitech

51HiTech is an international corporation whose aim is to create new value for all industries with our state-of-the-art technologies. We have four core technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Database Analysis, serving the industries such as real estate, auto, advertising, education and entertainment. 51HiTech is one of the corporations in China which commercialize Virtual Reality in real estate in the earliest period and it is also a bellwether corporation in the R & D of VR and AR. SInce January 2015, the time we founded, 51HiTech has expanded to over 63 major cites and areas worldwide and developed partnership with more than 500 companies. Up to now, 51HiTech has become the largest high-tech marketing platform for real estate, serving hundreds of real estate companies and agencies. 51HiTech is also one of the corporations that have obtained highest financing in China which amounts to over 100,000,000 RMB including the financing from some well-known investors such as StarVC.

what are the core products of 51HiTech?

Virtual Reality is the core product of 51Hitech and also the earliest and most successful product of 51HiTech. 51HiTech has become the top-rated VR content brand around the world that has almost won all the awards in Virtual Reality. 51HiTech is a bellwether corporation in VR content creation whose products are widely used in areas such as real estate, gaming. Up to now, 51HiTech has expanded to over 63 major cites and areas worldwide and developed partnership with more than 500 companies,and it has taken up for over 80% market share and won 5 national awards. Augmented Reality is another core product of 51HiTech which is also a new entrance for interaction after Virtual Reality. AR has its own advantages compared with VR, for example, its augmentation is based on the real world and AR also has its own application scenario (augmentation as an assistant approach). 51HiTech has cooperated with META2, one of the two largest AR glasses manufacturers around the world, to develop the first demo in September 2016. It is estimated that with the popularization of AR hardware, AR and VR will become the next entrance of human-computer interaction after internet and mobile phone. Artificial Intelligence is also a core product of 51HiTech. 51HiTech has developed a human-like Real Hugo which not only possesses real-human image, but also real skin, hair, voice, face, action and others. Real Hugo can substitute the work of salesman or saleswoman in some industries and areas. Up to now, Real Hugo can answer 97 percent of all questions accurately in real estate area. Data Analysis is the product of the application of 51VR and 51AI in real estate area which is a epoch-making product based on the data of the user. With the help of the new entrance of human-computer interaction and final mode of human-computer interaction, 51DA provides developers with the best user data analysis.

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