To create a real, complete and eternal digital twin world

The 1:1 restored digital twin world truthfully simulates the physical situation in the real-world such as sunshine, weather, seasonal changes, etc., and, like earth, it runs eternally.


To help the real world become more efficient, safer, and better

Focusing on the vision of Virtual Earth, 51WORLD endeavors to go after every technology and innovation in VR and AI. Through the unique product portfolio of visualization simulation and prediction, 51WORLD facilitates the effective and rapid technological transformation of enterprises and the government in fields of smart city, automobile, and real estate.

51World All-element Scenarios (L1-L5)

City Grid
Road Network Block
Mountains and Lakes

City buildings
Road Details
Surface Greenery
Traffic Flow

Architectural Details
Realistic Scenes
Dynamic Traffic Flow
Dynamic Light and Shadow

Road Markings
Traffic Signals
Vehicle Details
Pedestrian Details

Flowers and Trees
Texture Detail
Real Lighting
Real Physics


A Digital Map of Cities and Parks

Planning and Marketing Presentation

Verification of Simulated Design and Scheme

Training and Testing of AI Simulation

Simulated Deduction and Prediction

Latest Updates



PartnersWe, together with famous scientific and research institutions, investment institutions, industrial leaders
and government universities and colleges in 10 countries throughout the world,
build a quality high-tech R&D, production and application platform to create new value for global users

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