Realtime Rendering Over 5G

51CRP, a cloud rendering platform, breaks free from local hardware limitations by providing an edge and cloud computing solution. In realtime, it renders cutting edge 3D graphics and streams to large display screens, tablets, and mobile phones.

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A Real World in VR


Autonomous Driving Simulator

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Digital City

The virtualization of cities through digitization, visualization, and smart methods help us create better cities in reality.


Committed to creating "51World", a virtual world that benefits the real world

51VR is a tech company focused on the cutting edge of VR and AI technologies. Founded in 2015, it has developed a simulated platform for autonomous driving and created business applications in the digital cities/automobile space. We are committed to become the industry leader in the intersection of computer graphics and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to create a highly realistic virtual world "51world" to help individuals and organizations safely and realistically interface with the world, train AI, as well as pioneer new technologies in traditional industries.