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UI Designer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Interface design, including high and low fidelity prototype design, the relevant dynamic design, and achieve in the program;

  2. Part of the plane-related work, such as location map design;

  3. Participate in product demand analysis, to understand product characteristics;

  4. Quickly dig into the project, strong learning ability and adaptability;

  5. Other UI-related design work;

Job Requirements:

  1. 3 years or above relevant work experience, mature on-line works of UI design are preferred;

  2. Skilled in art design, great design and color touch, able to carry out different styles of design;

  3. Skilled in photoshop, Illustrator, after effects, 3dsmax and other design-related software, original design capabilities;

  4. Good working skills and team spirit, ability to resist and good learning ability;

  5. Strong comprehensive ability is preferred;

  6. interested in VR / AR / AI, and experience of UE4 engine is preferred;

Work Location: Chengdu

QA Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for product quality testing and reporting;

  2. Responsible for the collection and maintenance product related documents;

  3. Assist customer support.

  4. Report to QA leader.

Job Requirements

  1. College degree or above;

  2. Undergraduate or one year of work experience;

  3. Work orderly, careful and patient;

  4. Strong and clear expression ability;

  5. Ability to find patterns and rules from tedious matters;

  6. Strong sense of teamwork and responsibility, strong compression ability.

Work Location: Shanghai

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