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U3D Engineer (VR Education)

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Lead the development team, committed to do the best AR/VR projects; 

  2. Responsible for the research and development of AR/VR project using unity3d; 

  3. Responsible for the work allocation and quality control, evaluation, training and team technical improvement of the developers in the project; 

  4. Responsible for communication and docking with the planning and art department, develop the work plan of the development team and ensure the progress of the project.

Job requirements: 

  1. A complete project experience. 

  2. Familiar with the design of Unity3D engine architecture and more than 3 years experience in Unity3D engine development. 

  3. Participated in AR/VR project practice, familiar with the use of arkit, vuforia and other AR engines. 

  4. Familiar with opencv and other image visual principles;

  5. Fluency in English.

Work Location: Shanghai

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