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Business Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Have real estate, education, game resources;

  2. Responsible for external product cooperation, independently business negotiating;

  3. Responsible for the communication and implementation of projects in accordance with the requirements of the manager;

  4. Good communication skills, capable of complete the project channel implementation program independently.

Job Requirements:

  1. Quick understanding and analysis of the customers;

  2. Interested in advanced technologies such as VR / AR / AI, able to dig out the customer's explicit and potential needs;

  3. The leader of the TOP2 team(project development division) of the TOP3 company in the market share of city's new home agency, such as the World Union, the Central Plains, easy home, Hefu brilliant;

  4. Late 80’s is preferred;

  5. Strong sense of dedication and success of the desire, positive and optimistic, perseverance;

  6. We provide competitive salary.

Work Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Changsha, Hefei

City Business Director

Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Expand the regional market, contact with high-quality real estate projects, promote business cooperation;

  2. Manage regional teams to promote the promotion of team sales; 

  3. Manage hardware equipment, participate in relevant exhibitions to improve the company's market visibility, land branding strategy.

Job Requirements: 

  1. Years of experience in real estate, a certain network of resources;

  2. Originally responsible for the management of tire 1-regional sales team, sensitive to data performance; 

  3. Interests in the field of science and technology, able to understand current technology products, skilled in hardware operation; 

  4. Senior management experience of second-hand housing information website, offline entities, real estate marketing related industry.

Work Location: Hebei, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Changsha, Chongqing

DBA Engineer

Job Responsibility :

  1. Collect and process massive raw data (including scripting, web access, call APIs, write SQL queries, etc.). 

  2. Work closely with the team, combine innovations and algorithm with the company's business. 

  3. Process unstructured data into a form suitable for analysis and put into practice

  4. Analyze business decisions base on demand .

Job Requirements: 

  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science or related major; 2 years experience in big data application and data architecture; 

  2. Proficient in Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Hive, HBase, MongoDB, Kafka and other big data related skills;                      3. Be familiar with the algorithms and techniques of data mining and machine learning; 

  3. DS design experience is preferred; 

  4. Interest in VR/AR/AI technology is preferred; 

  5. Good analysis and summarizing ability and the team cooperation, communication skills; 

  6. Have good learning ability, working attitude and continuous technology to desire to ascend.

Work Location: Beijing

Natural language processing Engineer (Advanced)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. In charge of the research of natural language processing technology in the dialogue, general questions and answers, intension understanding, knowledge base management, and other application scenarios;

  2. Collaborate with team members according to the research and the project plan and finish the research and development tasks on time on the premise of quality.

Job Requirements:

  1. Master's degree or above, Dr. Preferred;

  2. 3 years or above related working experience, familiar with the technologies of natural language processing, research experience of dialogue, general questions and answers, intention understanding, familiar with C/C + + / Python, background of algorithm research;

  3. English mastered, broad knowledge scope, strong research ability, familiar with and master the applications of natural language processing in the field of intelligent human-computer interaction technology;

  4. Interest-driven and strong learning, problem analysis and solving ability

  5. Good communication and coordination ability and consciousness, be able to summarize and share their own experience;

  6. Competitive salary, with interest in VR/AR/AI content is preferred;

Work Location: Beijing, London

Planning Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the company brand promotion, image display and foreign language editing and writing, participate in the creating progress of product and project, in charge of copywriting and proposals;

  2. Responsible for the operation of company WeChat account and collect relevant data;

  3. Assist the planning of product and project, communication and contact with other departments, assist the implementation of market activities;

  4. Report to the supervisor about other related matters.

Job Requirements:

  1. Experience of planning and proposal;

  2. Strong logical thinking and problem-solving ability, excellent writing;

  3. Undergraduate or above, editing, Chinese language and literature, news advertising, literature and other related majors are preferred

  4. learning ability, hard work, good execution ability and team spirit

  5. At least 1 year experience in related work

  6. New media operating experience is preferred, technology enthusiasts and VR industry copy work experience is preferred

  7. Skilled in a variety of daily office software and network technology, good at WORD POWERPOINT.

Work Location: Beijing

WebGL Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. responsible for the product research and developmen based on Web3D and WebVR ;

  2. responsible for the of the landing and standardization of Web end products;

  3. responsible for the and guidance training of new colleague 


Job Requirements:

  1. 3 years or above working experience in Web front end;

  2. Skilled in basic website front-end such as skills javascript, html, css, h5 and so on

  3. Familiar with basic 3D graphics knowledge (rendering, scenes, animation, material, lighting, etc.)

  4. Experience of blender or Blender4Web is  preferred

  5. Familiar with three.js and have the ability of secondary development, understanding three.js based panorama

Work Location: Beijing

Product Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for sorting product strategic direction and core functions;

  2. Responsible for collecting requirements of product design and UI layout design;

  3. Responsible for transform the user’s needs into the achievable design details; 

  4. Responsible for connect with sales department and headquarter, in charge of external products publicity.

  5. Develop products with the R & D team to implement the design to function

  6. Report to the project leader

Job Requirements

  1. 3 years or above experience in product design.

  2. At least 2 years of product design development experience.

  3. Big picture of product design

  4. Deep understanding of the user experience of software

  5. Master Axure and other interactive prototyping softwares

  6. Good teamwork and communication skills

  7. Responsible, strong compressive ability.

Work Location: Shanghai

Senior UE Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Development of Unreal Engine 4 engine editor and toolchain based on the C + +;

  2. Optimization: frame rate, off-line light compile time, ect; 

  3. Debug problems, such as art import resources crash or editor memory leak;

  4. Active workers, able to give reasonable suggestions.

Job Requirements:

  1. Experience of UDK / UE3 or UE4 as well as Unity3D related development;

  2. Computer, physics, mathematics, automation related majors, more than 3 years of C + + game development experience;

  3. Strong mathematical foundation and logical thinking ability, good data structure and algorithm basis;

  4. English reading ability;

  5. Skilled in development tools such as VisualStudio;

  6. Interest in VR / AR / AI content is preferred.

Work Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu

Junior UE Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the development of general functions and tools;

  2. Collaborate with product team to meet the needs of product design;

  3. Cooperate with main programing engineer with technical needs;

  4. Report to the main routine work;


Job requirements:

  1. 1-2 years of development experience or undergraduate;

  2. Familiar with c + + programming and data structure;

  3. Good learning ability, willing to learn new technology;

  4. Persevering and work dedicately

  5. Awareness of teamwork and responsibility.

Work Location: Shanghai

Rendering Programmers

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for the design and development project in rendering function;

  2. Collaborate with product team to meet the needs of visual artistic effect;

  3. Cooperate with main programing engineer with technical needs;

  4. Report the routine work to supervisor.

Job Requirements:

  1. 5 years or above development experience;

  2. Have deep understanding on rendering pipeline;

  3. Master of light and shadow, material qualitative, shader development;

  4. Have UE development experience, or experience of other type of rendering engine;

  5. Good at mining upper limit of UE rendering system and modify rendering engine;

  6. Strong team cooperation consciousness;

Work Location: Shanghai

3D Animators

Job responsibilities:

  1. Experience in binding model.

Job requirements:

  1. MAYA, MAX animation;                                                                

  2. Strong understanding of MOTION CAPTURE, experience with MOTIONBUILDER clean animation is preferred; 

  3. Need to be able to work with UE4 and U3D engine.

Work location: Shanghai

C++ Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of client-side web function;  

  2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of data analysis functions;

  3. Cooperate with main programing engineer with technical needs;

  4. Report to the team leader of routine work;


Job requirements:

  1. 2 years or above working experience, at least one successful project case;

  2. Familiar with c + + programming and network programming;

  3. Familiar with HTTP, SOCKET, database and multithreading techniques;

  4. Good coding habit

  5. Good at problem solving and technique study;

  6. Persevering and work dedicatedly;

  7. Awareness of teamwork and responsibility.


Work Location: Shanghai

Operation Maintenance & Customer Service Executive

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for customer pre-sale consulting;

  2. Customer relations maintenance, regularly return visit, enhance customer satisfaction and value-added;

  3. Customer problem solving, tracking and analysis, enhance customer satisfaction and corporate brand value through effective customer service management;

  4. Responsible on-site technical support services for VIP customers;

  5. Support the market and sales training or products demonstration;

  6. Prepare related tutorial materials;

  7. Report to the project leader; 

Job requirements:

  1. 2 years or above experience in product operation and maintenance;

  2. Dignified appearance, strong comprehension and expression ability, thinking actively, stable, diligent and practical, strong sense of responsibility;

  3. Good teamwork and customer service awareness, affinity, attentive, patient, kind;

  4. Capable of independently pre-sale / post-consulting work after induction training, skilled in interpersonal communication, good language skills, able to withstand stress, good at learning and accepting messages;

  5. Basic knowledge of computer, skilled in Internet and system;

  6. Basic skill of English, capable of mail communication;

  7. Experience of the Internet industry customer service or IDC industry sales customer service is preferred;

  8. Majors of computer network, computer science and technology, computer applications and others related are preferred ;

Work Location: Shanghai

QA Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for product quality testing and reporting;

  2. Responsible for the collection and maintenance product related documents;

  3. Assist customer support.

  4. Report to QA leader.

Job Requirements

  1. College degree or above;

  2. Undergraduate or one year of work experience;

  3. Work orderly, careful and patient;

  4. Strong and clear expression ability;

  5. Ability to find patterns and rules from tedious matters;

  6. Strong sense of teamwork and responsibility, strong compression ability.

Work Location: Shanghai

GT Marketing Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the implementation of product sales model and user growth strategy.

  2. Responsible for expanding and maintaining potential customers.

  3. Responsible for mining, maintaining the favorable market resources for the product inside and outside Group.

  4. External publicity of products in accordance with the product department .

  5. Report to the leader of GT.

Job Requirements:

  1. More than 1 year of user growth, sales or marketing experience, experience of software, SaaS industry is preferred;

  2. Capable of independent working, self-planning of working schedule according to indicators;

  3. Work with perseverance;

  4. Resources of real estate, home improvement, tooling are preferred.

  5. Good teamwork and communication skills.

Work Location: Shanghai

Business Director (Auto)

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Responsible for the company's auto makers VR content of customer sales, establish a relationship with the depth of the enterprise 

  2. Actively develop customers, mining the customer demand, with strong sense of service, actively explore new customers, maintain existing customers

  3. Has a certain automobile specialized knowledge, class customer demand for cars, integration of company resources, to provide customers with customized solutions 

  4. Cooperate with various departments work, communicate with internal team writing, provides the high-quality service for the custome

Job Requirements :

  1. College degree or above, with related sales experience of automobile enterprise and customer resources is preferred. 

  2. Love the Internet, has a strong interest in automobile industry, have certain planning ability. 

  3. Strong communication skills, work steadfast 

  4. Good professional image, clear thinking agile, logic analysis ability 

  5. Can adapt to work pressure, with keen market insight and super executive power

Work Location: Shanghai

3D Artists (Auto)

Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsibel for scene designing for projects based on the marerial needed   

  2. Using 3d software for modeling, UV, mapping and other processes to make and import  the scene material into the  engine

  3. Using Unreal 4 engine for the scene design and layout to meet the requirements of product art and optimization.

  4. Using the engine to test material, lighting to control scenes lighting and atmosphere.

  5. Understand the working patern of the engines as much as possible, communicate and collaborate with the  technical team and achieve the function of the product. Design and improve the scene art resources according to the product requirements.

  6. Participate in team discussions and give constructional advice on the improvements to product design, production processes and tools.                                                                                                                          

Job Requirements:

  1. Clear goals and strong energy, concentrated, sensitive to new technology, strong will to learn.

  2. Good analytical ability to solve problems, logical thinking, ability to communicate.

  3. Sufficient art skills, certain accumulation of works. Proficient in texture production, experienced in high quality models and textures.

  4. Skilled in related softwares,  proficient in at least one 3d modeling software (blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, etc.) master a second 3d software according to the needs.

  5. Experience of at least one engine (Unity, Unreal4, Frostbite, CryEngine, Lumberyard, etc.)

  6. Understand the physical material and PBR material.

  7. Capable of card production or complex scenarios planning.

Preferred qualities:

  1. 2 years or abobe experience in landscape roaming or game industry is preferred. ( host game experience)

  2. (realistic) Rendering level project experience Experience of engine using and level editing, familiar with level design or large scene production process.

  3. Experience of post adjustment of atmosphere 

  4. Experience of photo scanning 

  5. Learn to use software plugins, scripts

Work Location: Shanghai

Auto Simulation Engineer

Job description:

  1. High precision parameterized according to different vehicles and vehicle dynamics model setup.

  2. Vehicle operating steady ride comfort simulation;

  3. Responsible for chassis k&c characteristics simulation and load decomposition;

  4. According to real-time traffic input, through the real-time vehicle dynamics model simulation, output the vehicles movement (posture, acceleration, etc.)

Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in automotive, mechanics, mechanical or related, 3 years or above experience in vehicle  dynamics simulation, and set up a high precision parameterized vehicle dynamics model.

  2. Professional theoretical knowledge, mastered automobile dynamics;Familiar with the simulation analysis on the development of multibody dynamics method and evaluation standard;Familiar with the process of development and multi-body dynamics simulation analysis;Familiar with chassis development and performance goal setting, etc, has a solid background in multi-body dynamics theory

  3. Skilled use of ADAMS, CarSim, Matlab/Simulink, and using CATIA software, able to skillfully complete multi-body dynamics simulation analysis, grasp the vehicle dynamic parametric modeling method;

Work Location: Shanghai

U3D Engineer (VR Education)

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Lead the development team, committed to do the best AR/VR projects; 

  2. Responsible for the research and development of AR/VR project using unity3d; 

  3. Responsible for the work allocation and quality control, evaluation, training and team technical improvement of the developers in the project; 

  4. Responsible for communication and docking with the planning and art department, develop the work plan of the development team and ensure the progress of the project.

Job requirements: 

  1. A complete project experience. 

  2. Familiar with the design of Unity3D engine architecture and more than 3 years experience in Unity3D engine development. 

  3. Participated in AR/VR project practice, familiar with the use of arkit, vuforia and other AR engines. 

  4. Familiar with opencv and other image visual principles;

  5. Fluency in English.

Work Location: Shanghai

UI Designer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Interface design, including high and low fidelity prototype design, the relevant dynamic design, and achieve in the program;

  2. Part of the plane-related work, such as location map design;

  3. Participate in product demand analysis, to understand product characteristics;

  4. Quickly dig into the project, strong learning ability and adaptability;

  5. Other UI-related design work;

Job Requirements:

  1. 3 years or above relevant work experience, mature on-line works of UI design are preferred;

  2. Skilled in art design, great design and color touch, able to carry out different styles of design;

  3. Skilled in photoshop, Illustrator, after effects, 3dsmax and other design-related software, original design capabilities;

  4. Good working skills and team spirit, ability to resist and good learning ability;

  5. Strong comprehensive ability is preferred;

  6. interested in VR / AR / AI, and experience of UE4 engine is preferred;

Work Location: Chengdu

Landscape & Interior Designer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for interior design and landscape design;

Job Requirements:

  1. college or above (interior design major and familiar with the landscape design related content);

  2. Master the following 2,3D software (AUTOCAD, 3DMax, Sketch up);

  3. Good working skills and team spirit, ability to resist and learning ability;

  4. Interested in VR / AR / AI, and experience of UE4 engine is preferred;

Work Location: Chengdu

Senior VR Artist

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the artistic quality of products, and come up with solutions to improve the quality of the program;

  2. Responsible for the 3D art resources and tool flow to match the product;

  3. Responsible for all aspects in product development and art related process.

Job Requirements:

  1. 3 years or above of experience in art design work;

  2. Skilled in 3DMAX, MAYA, proficient in PS, familiar with Substance and other commonly used software;

  3. Master with modeling, material, lighting and other techniques, have a strong sense of art

  4. UE4 or Unity3D engine experience for more than 2 years

  5. Familiar with the next generation game production process, able to produce high-precision model

Work Location: Chengdu

Junior VR Artist

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Produce the next generation of 3D tools, scene models and maps;

  2. Integrate of the scene for material and light production in UE4.

Job Requirements:

  1. College degree or above (art related professional); 1 year or above realism 3D art design experience;

  2. Master at least one the following 3D software (3DMax, Maya), proficient in drawing software PS, etc.;

  3. Familiar with the next generation game production process, able to produce high-precision model, proficient in baking technique;

  4. Experience of the UE4 engine is preferred.

Work Location: Chengdu

Graphics Engineer

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Design and implement new engine functionalities;

  2. Documenting implementation details;

  3. Continuously maintain and improve existing tech solutions;

  4. Transfer technologies to our project teams;

  5. Evaluate new technologies.

Job requirements:

  1. 2+ years of experience in computer graphics;

  2. Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent industry experience;

  3. Strong math skills;

  4. Familiar with graphics pipeline, APIs and GPU programming;

  5. Good oral and written English;

  6. Self-motivated team player;

  7. Willingness to learn;

  8. Experience with any commercial game engine, preferably Unreal Engine is a plus;

  9. Experience with handling a large code base is a plus;

  10. Experience with DirectX/OpenGL and shader programming languages HLSL/GLSL is a plus.

Work location: Frankfurt