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2、对VR / AR / AI等先进技术感兴趣,能够挖掘出客户的显性和潜在需求;




UI Designer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Interface design, including high and low fidelity prototype design, the relevant dynamic design, and achieve in the program;

  2. Part of the plane-related work, such as location map design;

  3. Participate in product demand analysis, to understand product characteristics;

  4. Quickly dig into the project, strong learning ability and adaptability;

  5. Other UI-related design work;

Job Requirements:

  1. 3 years or above relevant work experience, mature on-line works of UI design are preferred;

  2. Skilled in art design, great design and color touch, able to carry out different styles of design;

  3. Skilled in photoshop, Illustrator, after effects, 3dsmax and other design-related software, original design capabilities;

  4. Good working skills and team spirit, ability to resist and good learning ability;

  5. Strong comprehensive ability is preferred;

  6. interested in VR / AR / AI, and experience of UE4 engine is preferred;

Work Location: Chengdu

QA Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for product quality testing and reporting;

  2. Responsible for the collection and maintenance product related documents;

  3. Assist customer support.

  4. Report to QA leader.

Job Requirements

  1. College degree or above;

  2. Undergraduate or one year of work experience;

  3. Work orderly, careful and patient;

  4. Strong and clear expression ability;

  5. Ability to find patterns and rules from tedious matters;

  6. Strong sense of teamwork and responsibility, strong compression ability.

Work Location: Shanghai

Business Director (Auto)

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Responsible for the company's auto makers VR content of customer sales, establish a relationship with the depth of the enterprise 

  2. Actively develop customers, mining the customer demand, with strong sense of service, actively explore new customers, maintain existing customers

  3. Has a certain automobile specialized knowledge, class customer demand for cars, integration of company resources, to provide customers with customized solutions 

  4. Cooperate with various departments work, communicate with internal team writing, provides the high-quality service for the custome

Job Requirements :

  1. College degree or above, with related sales experience of automobile enterprise and customer resources is preferred. 

  2. Love the Internet, has a strong interest in automobile industry, have certain planning ability. 

  3. Strong communication skills, work steadfast 

  4. Good professional image, clear thinking agile, logic analysis ability 

  5. Can adapt to work pressure, with keen market insight and super executive power

Work Location: Shanghai

3D Artists (Auto)

Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsibel for scene designing for projects based on the marerial needed   

  2. Using 3d software for modeling, UV, mapping and other processes to make and import  the scene material into the  engine

  3. Using Unreal 4 engine for the scene design and layout to meet the requirements of product art and optimization.

  4. Using the engine to test material, lighting to control scenes lighting and atmosphere.

  5. Understand the working patern of the engines as much as possible, communicate and collaborate with the  technical team and achieve the function of the product. Design and improve the scene art resources according to the product requirements.

  6. Participate in team discussions and give constructional advice on the improvements to product design, production processes and tools.                                                                                                                          

Job Requirements:

  1. Clear goals and strong energy, concentrated, sensitive to new technology, strong will to learn.

  2. Good analytical ability to solve problems, logical thinking, ability to communicate.

  3. Sufficient art skills, certain accumulation of works. Proficient in texture production, experienced in high quality models and textures.

  4. Skilled in related softwares,  proficient in at least one 3d modeling software (blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, etc.) master a second 3d software according to the needs.

  5. Experience of at least one engine (Unity, Unreal4, Frostbite, CryEngine, Lumberyard, etc.)

  6. Understand the physical material and PBR material.

  7. Capable of card production or complex scenarios planning.

Preferred qualities:

  1. 2 years or abobe experience in landscape roaming or game industry is preferred. ( host game experience)

  2. (realistic) Rendering level project experience Experience of engine using and level editing, familiar with level design or large scene production process.

  3. Experience of post adjustment of atmosphere 

  4. Experience of photo scanning 

  5. Learn to use software plugins, scripts

Work Location: Shanghai

U3D Engineer (VR Education)

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Lead the development team, committed to do the best AR/VR projects; 

  2. Responsible for the research and development of AR/VR project using unity3d; 

  3. Responsible for the work allocation and quality control, evaluation, training and team technical improvement of the developers in the project; 

  4. Responsible for communication and docking with the planning and art department, develop the work plan of the development team and ensure the progress of the project.

Job requirements: 

  1. A complete project experience. 

  2. Familiar with the design of Unity3D engine architecture and more than 3 years experience in Unity3D engine development. 

  3. Participated in AR/VR project practice, familiar with the use of arkit, vuforia and other AR engines. 

  4. Familiar with opencv and other image visual principles;

  5. Fluency in English.

Work Location: Shanghai

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