Business Director (Auto)

Job responsibilities: 

  1. Responsible for the company's auto makers VR content of customer sales, establish a relationship with the depth of the enterprise 

  2. Actively develop customers, mining the customer demand, with strong sense of service, actively explore new customers, maintain existing customers

  3. Has a certain automobile specialized knowledge, class customer demand for cars, integration of company resources, to provide customers with customized solutions 

  4. Cooperate with various departments work, communicate with internal team writing, provides the high-quality service for the custome

Job Requirements :

  1. College degree or above, with related sales experience of automobile enterprise and customer resources is preferred. 

  2. Love the Internet, has a strong interest in automobile industry, have certain planning ability. 

  3. Strong communication skills, work steadfast 

  4. Good professional image, clear thinking agile, logic analysis ability 

  5. Can adapt to work pressure, with keen market insight and super executive power

Work Location: Shanghai







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