Company culture

Open and Transparent

51WORLD’s business information is available to all employees. The company encourages employees to deeply understand its strategic direction, technology R&D, product iteration and business modules. Different views are welcome in the work.


The heart of every successful business lies in its services. We are always committed to delivering amazing product experience, great communication, and the best solutions. At every meeting we have, of every decision we make, we certainly ask ourselves one important question: what benefit will this action bring to our customers? By doing so, can we earn the trust of our customers?

Trust in Truth

The problem itself is not fearful, what is fearful is to face it. The truth may be ugly, but we believe that only when we dare to face up to problems can we truly solve them.

Move Fast

Due to the fast-changing market and iteration of technologies, we have to move fast to respond to all challenges. Move fast is our gene. It enables us to be flexible and prepared, helping us identify and solve problems in advance.
Whenever our customers encounter new problems, we respond as quickly as possible to provide timely solutions.

All in

All in is our attitude. Whether it’s to create a superb product or to win customer trust, we spare no effort. We promise to leave no stone unturned in our quest for all works.




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