51WORLD is committed to creating a real, complete and sustainable digital twin world.


51WORLD helps the real world become more efficient, safer and better through digital twin technology.

51WORLD All-Elements Scene (AES) L1-L5 classification All Element Scene (AES) is the core product of 51WORLD. It contains scenes from cities, roads, buildings,
and vegetation in the real world. It also has visual reality, geographic information, physical simulation,
and free interaction. 51AES is divided into 5 levels, namely L1-L5. As the level increases,
the reality of the scene is getting closer to the real world.



City Grid
Road Network Block
Mountains and Lakes


City buildings
Road Details
Surface Greenery
Traffic Flow


Architectural Details
Realistic Scenes
Dynamic Traffic Flow
Dynamic Light and Shadow


Road Markings
Traffic Signals
Vehicle Details
Pedestrian Details


Flowers and Trees
Texture Detail
Real Lighting
Real Physics

51WORLD Core Values 51WORLD empowers the entire industry with advanced digital twin technology, promotes the digitalization, visualization, and intelligent upgrade of various industries, and ultimately helps the real world become more efficient, safer and better.

A Digital Map of Cities and Parks

Planning and Marketing Presentation

Verification of Simulated Design and Scheme

Training and Testing of AI Simulation

Simulated Deduction and Prediction


EC4: 51WORLD Unveils Its Next-Generation Digital Twin Platform
to Empower Industries 51WORLD officially released its latest AES 2021—a platform-level digital twin product, and WDP ecosystem 2.0 in Earth Clone 4 (EC4) in Shenzhen on November 19th, and showcased dozens of its implementation cases. 
This annual meeting attracted thousands of participants from more than 800 institutes and over 6 million visitors online.11 keynote speech, 2 professional forums, 5 digital twin industry forums, more than 50 industry topics, and a splendid geek night.
Bring the most anticipated digital twin industry summit of the year!

Real-time Rendering Technology

Break through the limitations of terminal equipment All kinds of terminals can experience the top real-time
3D rendering at any time

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PartnerTogether with well-known research institutions, investment institutions, industry leaders and government universities in 10 countries around the world, we have created high-quality high-tech R&D, production and application platforms to create new value for global users. Now, 51WORLD has served nearly a thousand corporate and government customers home and abroad.

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