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technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis


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40 IP
400,000 End Users
HTC Vive, UCCVR, iCan, VRCore Awards Winner
500 partners
500 Brands using 51
77 Cities
10 Countries
Real Estate, Auto, Gaming, Education and Advertising 5 Industries

PARTNERSWe are making a high-quality platform for the R&D, production and application of new technologies to create new value for our global users

TESTIMONIALS We impress our parters, brand users and investors with our strenght and offorts

51VR as the first tier VR company in China, has already monetized through VR technology and built a mature product workflow. Combining VR and AI means a lot to the extension of AI’s terminal use cases. By strategically investing 51VR, SenseTime is now capable of extending tech eco system and cooperate with 51VR for AI training in VR environment and eventually lead to a industry revolution together with original technology.
Bin XUSenseTime Group Limited Cofounder
The future is here, StarVC shall ride with the wise ones. From SenseTime to 51VR, we put our effort to investing tech companies that can change the way people live. All of them are the industry leaders driven by technology. Now 51VR has combined the cutting edge technology VR and AI, will definitely create value for all industries.
Quan RENStarVC Founding Partner
Autonomous driving simulation is required for auto driving development. By building a driving simulator combine VR and AI and simulating different weather and traffic conditions , 51VR has improved not only the product developing speed, but also the reliability and safety for auto driving testing.
Jams ZHANGNVIDIA Global Vice President, General Manager in China
As the first investor of 51VR, we always believe in VR industry. After few years of growing, 51VR has become the company with the richest technical reserves and the widest range of business models in this field. And this series of funding represents the tech-fusion phase for the industry and 51VR shall the pioneer and trailblazer.
Jing WANG Sky9 Capital Managing Director, Lightspeed CP Vice President
Science and Technology can meet all expectations in life. Centering on four core technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, 51VR is developing rapidly with its business scope covering real estate, auto, advertising, education, entertainment and other industries for 69 main cities and areas at home and abroad. I hope 51HiTech will be more innovative and demonstrate the charm of Science and Technology.
Peng ZHANGModern Land (China) Executive Director & President
51VR is No.1 in speed, creativity, artist, performance and hardcore VR.
Raymond PaoHTC Vive Vice President

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