New Tech Creates New ValueWe greatly improve efficiency, reduce cost and create new experience by R&D and commercializing the cutting-edge
technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis


Future is Now. Give It a TryBrands from diverse industries are using our products and service to explore and create new value


Help human beings to make better decisions



Different data, new value



More than real



This is real



VR is now for everyone to create


Enjoy New Tech with Global UsersPeople around you are using our Tech to make their industries and companies running faster,
better and more interesting

40 IP
400,000 End Users
HTC Vive, UCCVR, iCan, VRCore Awards Winner
500 partners
500 Brands using 51
77 Cities
10 Countries
Real Estate, Auto, Gaming, Education and Advertising 5 Industries

PARTNERSWe are making a high-quality platform for the R&D, production and application of new technologies to create new value for our global users

TESTIMONIALS We impress our parters, brand users and investors with our strenght and offorts

Science and Technology can meet all expectations in life. Centering on four core technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, 51VR is developing rapidly with its business scope covering real estate, auto, advertising, education, entertainment and other industries for 69 main cities and areas at home and abroad. I hope 51HiTech will be more innovative and demonstrate the charm of Science and Technology.
Zhang PengModern Land (China) Executive Director & President
51VR is one of the leading commercial companies I know in China. The quality of their VR content is best of its kind in China and even in the world. I was really impressive the first time I experience the VR showroom in Beijing.
AlonWakingApp President and Founder
The Stage in London and Tod in Shanghai are the two projects of Shanghai Vanke Global Marketing Center that have utilized the VR product created by 51VR to help their prospective customers view the model home. Compared with the traditional way of model home demonstration, the product created by 51VR adds high-tech to it, which brings more fun for the prospective customers and also gives them diversified experience when they view the model home. Through the interaction of visual and auditory experience, prospective customers can feel the scene as if they actually live in this model home. In particular, the problem of spending too much time and energy in viewing the model home from far away can be solved, which demonstrates the magic of the cutting-edge technology.
Yu JianfengShanghai Vanke Marketing Management Center Brand Planning Director
51VR is No.1 in speed, creativity, artist, performance and hardcore VR.
Raymond PaoHTC Vive Vice President

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